Saturday, January 26, 2013

Be classy....the quote on my Facebook page for this past Thursday was just that. You know the space on your page that says "what's happening" or "how are you feeling?". In response to Facebook's inquiry: what's happening is that perhaps there are some folks out there who aren't quite sure what being classy is or what classy feels like. Additionally, I wonder if they've even considered classiness, let alone strive to attain it. Definition of classy from Merriam elegant, stylish, reflecting high standards, being skillful or graceful. Examples of classy women: Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Catherine Deneuve, Natalie Portman and Kate Middleton, to name a few. When searching "classiness" one will unearth a vast cache of sites on the internet leading the user to various facets of the term. Libraries are full of books devoted to the topic. Researcher beware, the online access catalog suggests books on classy piano selections, classy jokes, classy Christmas decorations and alas...classy as in etiquette. The obvious being found in the 395's in the non-fiction section of the library. Dress, make-up, behavior, hairstyles, decorating ideas, book selections and entertaining are areas of life that a little class can be introduced into. Just as we are unique in every way, so is the class we seek to achieve Go ahead, add a little classiness to your life! Have fun, see what it brings to you.

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