Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Our traditional Christmas eve dinner was prepared by my talented husband. John loves nothing more than to cook and feed people resulting in the need for a serious after-dinner walk. What a treat to step out our front door and discover it had begun to snow! Seeing our little grandsons' excitement was priceless, a perfect weather report for Santa's arrival! My son, Michael and his wife Jenni, visiting from LA had their wish for snow, especially on Christmas Eve, come true. Our puppy, Bentley, couldn't get enough of romping in all the feathery white flakes falling around him. As I write, in the wee hours of Christmas Day, before more of our children come to visit, special holiday meals served, gifts exchanged, I enjoy the gift of solitude to reflect on and be thankful for the simple gifts I receive every day. My wish for all is to cherish these moments for years to come! Wishing you all the merriest, magical, Christmas!

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