Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moving to Vermont

I've been planning this blog for some time, wondering what I would write and just knowing the story I tell will unfold at its own pace...its not like we are the first people from Long Island, NY who have ever moved up north to Burlington, just one hour south of the Canadian border, but that we made the move because we wanted to is what makes it exciting!

I am interested in writing about my experiences as each week unfolds, promising another chapter in our story. Perhaps encouraging readers to pursue their own adventure.

So many things have been accomplished. New driver's licenses, license plates for the cars, a food co-op to join, library cards, new stores to explore and new friends to meet. Happily, I discovered a gym in which to work out in when its too bone chilling cold for leisurely bike rides along Lake Champlain.

The mornings are chilly and sunny. The leaves are quickly changing from bright summer green to golden yellows and rich reds. Walking is the best way to learn about the neighborhood. One begins to feel like a mountain goat trekking up and down hills.

The bikeway is another exciting experience. It is frequently traveled by cyclists going to and from work in the morning or at noon by folks enjoying the fresh air on their lunch breaks. Judging how I feel while I am riding I have decided I am either :
a) grossly out of shape
b) older than I really am
c) deeply affected by the altitude
d) all of the above
If you selected anything but c) we can not be friends!

Cooking is another adventure. Healthy is key, produce is locally grown, and stores are within walking distance from our home so we can shop each day for our meals. Of course if you are in need of a treat, there are plenty of little shops that offer all sorts of temptations from ice cream to freshly baked goodies.

Are you still reading? I trust your curiosity is peaked and that whatever it is you are dreaming to do my little blog will give you the encouragement and support (ok, call it push) to get going. So visit often and come along on this journey with me.


  1. Dear Nonna,

    You forgot to tell everyone about how your loving husband cooks for you every night!

    Your Loving Husband

  2. Dear Loving Husband,
    I will, I just haven't gotten to that yet! And...if I'm to speak to your cooking prowess I must be prepared to share some of your recipes.


  4. yay! this is exciting, i can't wait to read more! although, much like Nick, i can already tell i'm going to struggle with this new-fangled "blog" technology. honestly, i'll be pretty amazed if i even succeed in making this comment show up like it's supposed to.

  5. Nice blog mom. I know what a blog is because of my huge brain, and ability to akwire nowlege at rapid rates of speade.

  6. Thank you Michael,
    I knew I could count on your for a creative critique of my work!